Stellate Ganglion Block

Explore a groundbreaking approach to wellness. Rooted in innovation, this therapy taps into your body's potential to heal from within.

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Why Choose

Stellate Ganglion Block?

Imagine a targeted solution that brings relief right to the source of your discomfort. The Stellate Ganglion Block is a specialized injection, skillfully administered by your provider using ultrasound guidance, and contains various types of local anesthetics. It's precision medicine at its finest. By intercepting the messages from the nerve before they reach your brain, it's your ally in relieving distressing symptoms. It's precision, it's relief, and it's tailored just for you.

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“I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for a decade. My SSRI’s didn’t seem to be all that effective and I was struggling to heal and recover without much success. Finding Dr. Ali has been a game changer - I received the Stellate Ganglion Block and each day I am feeling better, finally able to be moving forward and letting go of trauma and despair. The Stellate Ganglion Block has contributed to my well being in such an abundant way. Dr. Ali is a great guy and I really like his kind approach and availability in answering all my concerns and questions. I am very grateful. I wish Dr. Ali and all his patients continued indomitable spirit, conspicuous gallantry and undaunted bravery on their road to recovery and good health.”

-Lynda P.
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“I am a 72-year-old woman who has lived with severe PTSD symptoms for over 60 years. The cause of these symptoms is so horrific that I don't even share it with my family. After watching the segment about Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGB) on the "60 Minutes" TV program from 2019, I was referred to Dr. Syed Ali. I had two Stellate Ganglion Blocks last month. The profoundly positive changes and relief were immediate and noticed by family and friends immediately. I now live life with a "calm" that I didn't know existed.”

-Janet P.

Conditions Treated with

Stellate Ganglion Block

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Heal from the wounds unseen. By targeting the stellate ganglion, this therapy offers a beacon of hope and guides you toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Severe Anxiety

Let tranquility replace turmoil. Stellate Ganglion Block silences the incessant noise, setting the stage for inner peace and clarity.

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Long Hauler Covid

Rise above the lingering shadows of Covid. SGB has been used to get back taste and smell that have been lost to Covid, as well as Covid induced brain fog.

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Hyperhidrosis & Hot Flashes

Get relief from the discomforts of hormonal shifts, Stellate Ganglion Block is your guide to you help you remain in control.

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Chronic Pain

You deserve to live without pain. This therapy targets pain and helps you rediscover the joys of a life unrestrained by discomfort.

The Benefits of

Stellate Ganglion Block

Vascular and Circulatory Benefits

By promoting vascular health, Stellate Ganglion Block helps nourish your body so you can feel energized, youthful, and ready to take on the day.

Sympathetic Nervous System Regulation

Balance is the cornerstone of wellness. And by regulating the sympathetic nervous system, you can reset your "fight-or-flight" to its baseline, promoting a more harmonious state of well-being.

Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD

A tried and true method to treating PTSD, Stellate Ganglion Block offers not just relief, but lasting hope and mental soundness. By interrupting the overactive sympathetic nervous system, this intervention helps you regain control over emotional responses and embark on a path towards healing.

Pain Relief

Experience liberation from pain’s clutches. This therapy targets the root causes of pain by relaxing muscle tension and reducing stress, making it easier for you to manage ongoing pain.

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There was a calm over me and that calm hasn't left.

I was able to control overreactions

The Process of
Stellate Ganglion Block

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Before getting started, your provider at StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine will schedule a consultation with you. During this consultation, they will thoroughly explain the procedure and what to anticipate.

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Sedation & Anesthesia

On the day of the procedure, you may receive a sedative to help you relax. As you lie comfortably on your back on a procedure table, your provider will cleanse the skin on the front of your neck using an antiseptic agent.

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The Infusion & Monitoring

With the aid of ultrasound-guided imaging, your provider will carefully insert a thin needle into the front of your neck, precisely targeting the site of your stellate ganglion. At this point, a local anesthetic will be administered to ensure your comfort.

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Once the needle is accurately positioned, your provider will administer the medication, effectively carrying out the stellate ganglion block. The entire procedure typically takes around 30 minutes.

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Stellate Ganglion Block

Stellate Ganglion Block

What does the ultrasound do?

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Ultrasound guides us in precision. It ensures the Stellate Ganglion Block is administered accurately, optimizing both safety and effectiveness. We use ultrasound due to the many advantages over fluoroscopy or x-ray. Ultrasound is a dynamic test that shows real-time location and direct visualization of vital structures in the neck, such as the carotid and vertebral arteries, internal jugular vein, thyroid, esophagus, and various muscles. Fluoroscopy or an x-ray is a static test that does not show any of the vital structures since this modality shows mainly bone. The physician cannot see nerves, arteries, veins, or other soft tissue structures.

Using fluoroscopy, a needle is placed blindly near the stellate ganglion, which can increase the risk of permanent injury to the patient (nerve injury, vascular injury, lung puncture). Ultrasound also has NO radiation, whereas x-ray/fluoroscopy does expose the patient to radiation. Ultrasound can thus be considered a much safer way to do this procedure.

What are the risks of Stellate Ganglion Block?

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Bleeding or hematoma: Needle insertion during SGB can occasionally cause bleeding or the formation of a blood clot around the injection site.

Infection: While rare, there is a small risk of infection at the injection site, which may require medical attention.

Nerve damage: In rare cases, damage to surrounding structures like nerves or blood vessels might occur during the procedure. This can lead to complications such as temporary or permanent loss of sensation or motor function in the affected area.

Horner's syndrome: Stellate ganglion block affects the sympathetic nerves responsible for controlling certain facial functions. In some cases, temporary or rarely permanent Horner's syndrome can occur, causing drooping eyelids, constricted pupils, and decreased sweating on one side of the face.

Allergic reactions: As with any medical intervention, there is a remote possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic or other medications used during the procedure.